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The Rev. Taylor W Burton Edwards

The Ten Words/Commandments
Jewish and Christian Understandings

Hosted by St. Matthew Evangelical Lutheran ChurchLuther Hall

4026 Macon Road
6:00 p.m. Wednesdays Part 1 - January 17 thru February 7

                6:30 p.m. Wednesdays Part 2 - April 10th & 17th, May 8-22


Part 1: January 17-February 7
Session 1:  The Decalogue: What are the Ten Commandments; What is the first Commandment?
Session 2:  "You Shall Have No Other Gods"
Session 3:  "You Shall Not Make a Graven Image;" "You Shall not Bow Down to Them"
Session 4: "You Shall Not Swear Falsely By God's Name"

Part 2  April 10 & 17, May 8 thru May 22
Session 5: "You Shall Keep The Sabbath"
Session 6: "Honor Your Father and Your Mother
Session: 7: "You Shall Not Commit Murder;" You Shall Not Commit Adultery;: "You Shall Not Steal"
Session 8: "You Shall Not Bear False Witness"
Session 9: "You Shall Not Covet"
Session 10: Review and Wrap-Up

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Rabbi Beth Schwartz

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